The MainGate Difference

Hosting multiple events year round?

MainGate will save you thousand in fees and quickly become your newest profit center.

Pass the Buck!

With MainGate, our flat fee is only $1. Since TicketMaster, Eventbrite and others charge up to $19 in fees per ticket, you can literally “pass the buck” on to your buyers and you’ll pay nothing. Even if you decide to absorb the fee, it will save you big bucks over our competitors.

Quick Comparison

Maingate Service Fee
Includes All Features
Eventbrite Service Fee
2.50% + $0.99
Will Cap Ticket Fees At $19
Event Bee Service Fee
Depending On Features
Ticket Master Service Fee
Too Many To Count
The above examples exclude credit card processing fees


Hosted Event Page

Manage Multiple Events

Easily Duplicate Events

Create Multiple Ticket Types

Instant Confirmation Page

Confirmation Email with E-Tickets

E-Tickets With QR Code

Scan in and Validate Tickets with Mobile Device

Robust Sales Reports

Attendee Reports

Ticket Consumption Reports

Export Reports to Excel

Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Sharing

Custom Discount Codes


Ticket Display Options

Get your money faster!

When you use Maingate your ticket sale proceeds are sent directly to your account within days of the tickets being sold. Unlike other ticketing platforms, we do not hold your money until your event is over unless you prefer it that way

If your event is FREE, so are we.

It’s absolutely free to use our platform for your free events.

How does the fee work?

You are in the drivers seat here…Here are a few options.

  • You can abosorb the $1 fee
  • You can charge the $1 to your attendee
  • You can add to the $1 fee in order to earn additional revenue, cover facility fees charged by the venue, credit card processing, etc.

Start Selling Your Tickets Online and Make More Money!

How it Works