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MainGate is a software and service company that helps venues and events sell more tickets and generate more revenue.

MainGate was created by a group of event organizers in order to create a ticketing system they could not find anywhere else! A platform that could give them all the reporting they needed to make accurate and informed decisions on advertising in order to maximize their profits and save on their ad spend. They also knew that the other platforms high fees were not necessary and wanted to offer the venues and event organizers the ability to make that extra revenue themselves OR lower the cost of getting into their events by eliminating those high fees for their guests.

Rest assured... MainGate was also NOT built on WordPress or any open source platform. That means no traffic limitations for your customers, better performance and none of the inherent risk of hacking known to Wordpress based sites.

Quick Comparison

MainGate Service Fee

Includes ALL features and reporting

Eventbrite Service Fees
2.50% + $0.99

Will Cap Fees at $19.99

TicketMaster Service Fees

Too Many Fees to Count

Above fees are per ticket and do not include credit card processing on any platform.

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Ticket Sales!

Because we come from an event and venue background, MainGate is a great fit for any type of event! Our event management expertise and online ticketing platform has been used in Arenas, Fairgrounds, Convention Centers, Music Venues, Civic Centers, Drive-Thru Events, Art Festivals, Tradeshows and More!

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The MainGate Platform was used to sell millions of tickets across every venue shown above as well as hundreds of other venues in North America

Increased Revenue
By 20% or More!

Sell more than admissions tickets

Sell Merch, VIP Upgrades and more even before you open your doors!

Strike while the iron is hot!

Customers buying admission tickets for your events are almost always ready to buy exciting merchandise too!

MainGate allows you to sell add-ons in advance of your opening. This is great tool for selling entry VIP bags, merchandise, discounted credits, food, parking, gifts and more!

Unlimited Promo
& Discount Codes

Not only can you apply as many promo codes as you can stand, but MainGate has promo code discount types not available on other ticketing platforms.

Most ticket platforms will apply a percentage discount or maybe even a dollar amount discount. With MainGate you can apply Buy One Get One Free discounts and Buy One Get One at a percentage off discount.

You can set a start and end date for the promo code to be active. Even set which days of the week the promo code will be valid for. So if you only want your weekdays to be active, it’s easy! You can choose which days of the week you want the promo code to be valid. Even create a window of dates you want the promo code to be active set a start and end time automatically!

With MainGate you have the choice to make the discount affect only the admission tickets vs. the merchandise tickets. You can choose if you want the discount to apply to ONLY the ticket costs or the entire order. That way the discounts do not come off of any taxes or fees you may have added. We do all of this while keeping the process super simple!

New MainFrame
Embedding Option

If you have a website or landing page, you can choose to link to your MainGate event page with a simple URL or with our new, exclusive MAINFRAME. With this option, your MainGate event interface appears seemlessly as part of your website.

This robust system sits perfectly on your site no matter what website platform you use or what desktop or mobile device it is being viewed with.

If you choose, you can even allow customers to exchange their own tickets, re-send their own ticket emails and more ALL without having to contact a customer service person. That can save thousands of dollars per year in labor costs alone.

Advanced Scheduling
& Booking System

Let your customers choose a timeslot across all of your available dates!

MainGate's Advanced Scheduling system is faster and easier!

Customers buy more when they are comfortable with the layout and the process. We have used the feedback from more than 20 years in the industry to give people what they want!

Whether you are with a venue or an event, our platform does it all right on your own website without redirects.

We also provide an event page to link to from Facebook and other social media platforms if you need it.

The Great Maingate
Ticket Switch

Instead of tying up your staff with ticket exchanges, with MainGate you have the option to allow customers to select a new date and time for their tickets easily, without having to call or email your Box Office or customer service staff!

Your customer can log in to their account and choose a new date/time. The ticket inventory is automatically updated to reflect the changes. They can then view their new tickets, resend their ticket email and view their receipt.

Of course, if you prefer that your team handle it, MainGate’s TICKET-SWITCH is the easiest in the industry. No need to credit customer accounts, re-issue funds, resend ticket emails, etc. MainGate makes it way easier!

with MainGate

Reserved seating promotes early ticket purchase and by larger groups.

Avoid Double Bookings!
REAL-TIME availability updates ensure that ticket buyers can NOT book the same seat twice. Seats are held for ticket buyers while making a selection, until they are booked or timed out.

Prevent Orphaned Seats
Empty seats are a nightmare for ticket sellers. MainGate’s proprietary algorith prevents orphaned seats.

Need to Social Distance?
You set the rules. Determine how many seats to be left open to the sides as well as front and back. Allow family members to seat together by increasing the limit of seats selected together. Super Powerful!

Set your own social distancing rules

The MainGate Floorplan prevents ticket buyers from selecting seats in a sub optimal layout, thereby ensuring that rows are filled up as much as possible while procuring social distancing rules that you determine.

Adjustable spacing

Determine how many seats to be left open to the sides as well as front and back.

Limit group bookings

Allow family members to seat together by increasing the limit of seats that can be selected together.

Disable aisle seats

Keep aisles safe to walk on by disabling a provided number of seats next to aisles.

Manually override rules

Hand pick seats that must be disabled, or enabled over existing rules.

Box Office
& Guest

Check in guests in a way that fits your venue or event!

Flexible Technology
Registered staff can access the MainGate Guest management and Box Office point-of-sale system through any computer or tablet; Even a smart phone. Scan Guests in using the MainGate Scanner App on any smart device or use the online check-in terminal.

Point-of-Sale System
Sell tickets, apply discounts, send ticket confirmation emails and SMS confirmations or print tickets using a variety of printer options.

Proprietary “All-In” Scanning
Your staff will no longer have to scan individual tickets. MainGate’s “All-In” Scanning QR code means that entire families and even large groups can be scanned in with a single “Beep”. No more bottlenecks at the gate! Imagine that.

Reporting &

Real-Time Reporting and Metrics
See every ticket, every customer, every discount, every dollar. See data across all your events easily. Track sales trends to determine ad and marketing successes to be able to successfully trim ad spend while still skyricketing your ticket sales.

Compare Evemt Data
If your current event is X days from starting, with MainGate’s compare report you can see if your current event is on pace with your previous event in that same timeframe and make changes as needed!

Sell Out Your Events
Analytics is key when making good business decisions. MainGate gives you all the tools to make the best decisions to sell out your events!

Stay in the Loop
Run reports easily on the fly or receive periodic emails on daily ticket sales and overall revenue. They can be viewed onscreen or exported into Excel, CSV or as PDF.


We wanted to keep things super simple here and guess what - we did it!

How Simple?
You just go to your list of events, click the mail icon next to the one you want and you are in. From there, you can email ticket holders for the entire event without exporting and importing customer email lists. You can even drill down and email only the guests in individual days of your event, even individual timeslots! Again, No exporting customer lists needed, at all!

Send test emails, save the email to send later, even schedule future email blasts, ALL inside the MainGate Platform!